Don't Be A Projectile

by Traffic Death

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released November 26, 2014

Recorded by an american Mutt, in his basement.
Neighbors are Pist!
Mixed By. Jeff Stone at Third Scoop
Mastering By. Joel Grind
Cover by. Steven Ekanger



all rights reserved


Traffic Death Des Moines, Iowa

Garan Drozd - Guitar
Andrew Smeltzer - Bass
Brian Greenfield - Drums
Nate Phillips - Vocals

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Track Name: Hopeless Culture
Hopeless Culture
Don’t want any of this fucking “culture”
Hip fucking bullshit that you flock to
Not even trying to Understand
This shit is so fucking bland
Read it on the internet so it must be true
The downfall of our culture is because of you
Couldn’t just be happy with your true friends
Now you have to follow all the latest trends

Doomed to be a lame ass, one without any sort of class
Don’t even know the roots of your scene
you think everytone is oh so fucking mean
Nice fucking lingo why don’t you speak like me
Talking like a text message to dumb to fucking see

Your dumbing down language
Your dumbing down our culture
Talking like you know something
But you don’t know shit
Track Name: The Wild
The Wild
Another day out on the hunt never finding shit
Out there in the wild is there nothing to be found
Every once in a great while there might be a score
Going to have to spend some time digging on the floor

There it is the needle in this massive stack
One that I’ve been trying to find for fucking years
Some schlocky exploitation, static horror mess
One that I have to go home and watch right away

Analog and dead format’s is my way of life
If you don’t understand this than you never will
Get in the way of my tapes, and I’ll draw my knife
And on this alter of digital slaughter your blood will spill
Track Name: Mental Condition
Mental Condition
Dissenting voices, creep needing into my brain
Telling me there’s nothing to fear everything’s the same

Worrying only makes it worse,
The disease is an outright curse
Couldn’t imagine that this would last
A spell I thought would be uncast
Tring to build on this rotten foundation
Something that is my own creation
Making for a likely collapse, leaving my life in the past

The mental condition, is a mystery to me
Making the world move faster, faster than I can see
Trying to make it slow down, so I can take a hold
On my very existence, before my blood turns cold

Into the earth my remains soon go,
hope I’m truly dead when I’m put below
The fear creeps in that this must be true
But there is still nothing I can even do
Outside awaiting my gruesome fate
Anger and frustration but it’s to late
There must be a way to escape the grasp
As I lay hear listen to the casket clasp
Track Name: Land Monster
Land Monster
Fat fucking person, slouching around
Never will amount to much
Just sit and wear your crucifix
Wouldn’t be happy if I were you
About what you’re god has put you through
Each day is an utter struggle
Just to get up and out of bed
Don’t you worry you’ll soon be dead
Life in torment and
Complete and utter agony
Ugly, worthless and weak
Nothing but hollow thought
Waste of life, waste of air
Why don’t you just get out of hear?
Grab a gun and tighten the rope
I can assure you there is no hope.
Track Name: Don't Be A Projectile
Don’t Be a Projectile
How many times have you been told?
Not to venture in the cold
To buckle up tight, lock it in good
Give yourself a chance to win the fight

Against the pavement you will slam
Down upon this ice cold street
Through the winshield you will go
Don’t be a projectile
Or the blood will start to flow
On the ground it will be yours
When you’re scraped up off the road
Because your head had to explode

You should have better fucking known
When you slammed into that car
Nothing there to hold you down

So many people die
Every single fucking year
Can’t help but start to think
That their time has come
Leaving those dumb and blind
On the road and left behind
Track Name: Next Time Stop
Next Time Stop
Self-righteous fucking bastard, total outright scum
Where is it that you seem to think that you come from?
Moved to the big city from a place that you think sucked
Didn’t even try to make things better,
Just went and got fucked

Stop Your Fucking Car

Yelling out insults like you have something to say
Maybe next time you hit a red light I’ll cave in your face
Track Name: Night Beast
Night Beast
In the darkness of the starless night
The beast begins to follow me
Try to run but only move slower
Like I’m caught in a spider’s web
Getting closer I can hear but not see
That a massive creature shadows over me
After this I could not go back
Even if I can to survive

Always knew it would come to this
Don’t know how or why but I did
One of man’s greatest mystery’s
Now becomes my final destiny

Acceptance is the first step to reality
But what is this that stands before me
A nightmarish vision, can’t draw the line
Between the edge of time

All is over time is running short
Through all the body parts they will sort
After this is the first step
If I can survive
Track Name: Risky Chainsaw
Risky Chainsaw
We don’t care how much you’re willing to pay
This is something that we have to do anyway
Didn’t drag this chainsaw here for nothing
Here we stand and it’s time to start something
Seeing the blood flow is just the thing we need
it has the same affect as a shot of speed

How many pieces can we make with you today
Let’s start the dismemberment it’s the only way
So hard people always beg with their life
“please don’t murder me or my precious wife”

Don’t have time to listen to your pleas
Filthy little fucker begging on your knees
Why is it that you won’t die
Try so hard to stay alive
Save your tears, no one here cares
If you’d just stopped to think this through

Could have seen it coming
If you had just looked ahead
Not that hard and then you’d not be so dead
Rip Chord is pulled and the motor turns
Through your flesh the chainsaw burns
We don’t care how much you’re willing to pay
This is something that we have to do anyway
Didn’t drag this chainsaw here for nothing
Here we stand and it’s time to start something
Track Name: Astral Projector
Astral Projector
As the light begins to flicker, on the pull down screen
I see all the tell tale signs, what is it they mean?
The film begins to roll, the curtains have been drawn
Looking all around me and there is nobody to be found

How did this happen I was sitting in my chair
Now I find myself flying through the air
As the projector comes on, I am slowly drifting through
Then all of a sudden I swerve out of control

Thought maybe it was my over active imagination
Something created by my trials and tribulations
Everything I have known slowly fading away
Now it’s just me alone with a genuine sense of fear

As the light begin to flicker, on the pull down screen
I see all the tell tale signs, what is it they mean?
The film begins to roll, the curtains have been drawn
Looking all around me and there is nobody to be found

I thought this was just supposed to be a class
To teach me how to not drive like an ass
Now I find that I’m tring to stay alive
Even though my life is gone
My mind and body moving on
Track Name: It Came From Nowhere
It Came Frome Nowhere
Ears won’t stop ringing, still seeing stars
This taste in my mouth, makes me want to barf
Slammed in the street, there’s blood everywhere
What the hell happed
That slam came from Nowhere
Track Name: Scene Cannibal
Scene Cannibal
Sounds pretty good through these fucked up eyes
The band is playing loud so no one hears your cries
Do it like they do in a New Guinea shelter
This mosh pit’s gonna look like helter skelter

Pick you out of the crowd, put the sights on you
Chopping you into bits is what we have to do
Because all you do is start fights and make people want to leave
Maybe it’s finally time that your the one who leaves

Should have paid attention and made better choices
So you might have survived as the native approaches
Theres but one solution to those who disgrace the tribe
Make the culprit watch as he’s eaten alive
The flesh is on the table, and now the shows a safer place
We have set a fine example, by devouring your face
No more need to worry, the threat is now gone
Wish I’d tasted you sooner, it wouldn’t have taken so long
To devour your face, and make the shows a safer place

Trying to impress the tough guys just put you on our plates
We won’t tolerate people trying to start up fights
Remember that your just meat and can be turned into food
If you dance like a ninja or are impossibly rude