Terror on the Freeway

by Traffic Death

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dale jacobson jr.
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dale jacobson jr. Fantastic Crossover from Iowa.
Well, I'll begin with saying it has been one of my new NWOCTM bands.
They compliment the style doing it right. love Nates vokills.
Fans of new sounds.. ASS,Spew, Terror Shark, even Brodys Militia/The Accused/Cryptic Slaughter can be heard.
A+. Favorite track: Life Justice.
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    Terror on the Freeway is the new EP from Traffic Death. This record has a broad representation of the bands style and influences ranging from old school hardcore punk rock, black metal, doom metal, speed metal and even NWOBHM as is represented in the cover track of GIRLSCHOOL's classic tune "Hit & Run".
    Cover artwork by the amazing Alexandros Pyromallis.
    All records are pressed on clear vinyl with Red Blood Splatter.
    released by Give Praise Records as well as our label Vehicular Genocide records

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Released by: Vehicular Genocide Records and Give Praise Records
Currently available at: givepraiserecords.com
7" Limited to 500 Copies on Clear with Red Blood Splatter.
Go check it Give Praise is a great source for underground music.


released October 7, 2015

Recorded By. Matt Mutt, Neighbors are Pist Productions
Mixed and Mastered By. Jeff Stone at Third Scoop
Cover Artwork By. Alexandros Pyromallis



all rights reserved


Traffic Death Des Moines, Iowa

Garan Drozd - Guitar
Andrew Smeltzer - Bass
Brian Greenfield - Drums
Nate Phillips - Vocals

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Track Name: Too Late, You Lose
If I could see inside your head, don’t think there would be much to see
An empty cavity drained and weak of any thought, for anyone but yourself
No fucking empathy to be seen, no hope that you will ever change
Just keep on drifting down the road causing others pain, watching it all unfold

Self styled bullshit, believe in your own lies, the shit you lay on so thick

Said it once it must be true, can’t wait to hear your own next line
Someday your time will have to come and then you, will look back on life
There’s a reason to keep to yourself, don’t want to listen to the hell
That is your everyday life a never ending tragedy, fucking heard it twice

Personal business on the table, Force others to engage
Don’t realize that no one cares about you

By then it will be far to late, just in time for you to fucking loose
Everyone and everything that you hold dear, you will not be missed
It’s been a long time coming, should have seen it long ago
But you were to consumed by yourself and how, important you think you are

Self styled bullshit, still believing in those lies, shit that you seem to spread so thick

Nothing ever gets through to you, seems to be nothing left to do
If you get a chance to load a gun I’d recommend, putting it in your mouth
That should just about do it, if you pute your mouth on the barrel
Long enought to end this joke that has been, your entire life

It’s far to late, now it’s time you loose.
Track Name: Fuck Cancer
Syptoms so well known, treatment distributed wide
Still people seem to be dropping just like flies

Haven’t you killed enough - FUCK CANCER
How many more will die - FUCK CANCER
Proof there is no god - FUCK CANCER
Soon it will come for us - FUCK CANCER

No way of knowing for sure, if they will ever find a cure
The disease takes it’s final toll, death rate out of control
one by one the human race dies
nobody left to hear the cries
Track Name: Life Justice
Karma setting in for the things that you have done
Couldn’t have possibly thought you would walk away from this
Fucking everyone over and shitting on you family
Justice is to be served to those who disrespect
Life has come full circle now you’re the one in pain
Only think of yourself because your just that lame

Now the world is here to piss on you
The shit has come full circle there is nothing that you can do
Now your alone to die just the way that you should

Life Justice

Stepping on peoples backs to reach higher ground
Even when you get up to the top you will be shot down
Then you will come back down to the bottom, we will still be here
Lying in wait to attack and deliver you from your greatest fear

Now you feel like shit and look even worse
That is how the world works when you treat people like dirt
Set to destroy the self righteous scum they die like all the rest
Don’t bother pleading we know just what you’ve done
Track Name: Thirst
Thirst bubble’s up from down below, the demon has risen now here we go
Drowned in utter misery, but it’ s the only way to quench the thirst
Suffering is necessary, builds you from the ground up to tear you down
Swimming in an ocean of uncertainty without a single drop
That there is any way that I will get out of here alive

Up is down and down is up I wish all these humans would shut the fuck up
Chatter builds inside my brain trying to make me do that thing again
But what is right and what is wrong as long as you find a way to get it on

Now here it is I stand, looking at the edge of the world
Only just the one way out, try not to collapse

Looking upward I see, just the never-ending darkness
That has always followed me, with a trail of death and empty bottles
Torture and pain, maybe self-inflicted but its all the same
Get me to the end, without destroying everyone around me

It might not just work out that way, sometimes there is no control

Now here it is I stand, looking at the edge of the world
Only just the one way out, try not to collapse

Strength is just a relative term, it only matters if the beast is stronger
Grinds you down, breaks you down to the nothing that you are
Maybe this time will be easier, but I doubt it will be easy again
Every time the weakness grows it’s like the demon always knows

Now here it is I stand, looking at the edge of the world
Only just the one way out, try not to collapse
Track Name: Hit & Run
Girlschool Cover